Regional Code, Office Code, and Est Code in PF number Explained

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Regional Code, Office Code, and Est Code in PF number Explained
Regional Code, Office Code, and Est Code in PF number Explained

PF Number Format

PF Number is a 22 digit unique number assigned to the employees while joining an organization registered under EPFO.

The 22 digits unique PF Number is divided into 5 parts.

  1. Regional Code
  2. Office Code
  3. Establishment code
  4. Extension Code
  5. Member’s Account No
PF Number Format
PF Number Format

Now let’s understand each term one by one.

What is a Regional code in PF?

The Regional Code is the first two characters in the PF Number /Member ID that represents the particular district where the employer’s office and pf office is located. The regional code changes with the cities.

What is an Office code in PF?

The Office Code is the code next to two characters after the regional code. The office code is always represented by three characters. This code represents the particular city where the organization is situated. This gives a clear picture that our office or pf office is located in this particular city of our State or District.

What is an Establishment Code in PF?

The Establishment Code is the unique code issued by the government to the organization registered under EPFO. This code is of 7 digits. Whenever employees join a particular organization registered under EPFO. Their Establishment Code remains the same until he/she switches other organization.

In most or some of the employee’s monthly slip, the establishment code is shown as 6 digits. So, don’t get confused, the actual member id /pf number looks like THVSH01183630000071847 (22 digits) but the pf number in monthly salary is shown as TH/VSH/118363/71847 (16 digits).

Note: The PF number in the monthly salary slip of the employees is shown with no extra 0 is added to the 6 digits of the establishment code i.e from the above 16 digit pf number 118363. But if see the actual member id the extra 0 is added i.e 0118363.

Also, the extension number 000 is not added in the pf number of the monthly salary slip.

So, after not adding an extra 0 to the establishment code and without extension code 000. Your pf number in the monthly salary slip is displayed as  TH/VSH/118363/71847 

In addition to extra 0 added to 6 digits of an establishment code and with extension code 000. Your actual member id/pf number looks like TH VSH 0118363 000 0071847. 

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What is an Extension Code in PF?

The Extension code is a 3 digit number that is assigned to the organization if the organization has multiple branches. Its number format would be in 000, 00A, 00B, etc.

This code can be left blank showing no extension. In some monthly salary slip, this number is omitted.

In most of the case, the extension code is mentioned as 000.

What is a Member’s Account Number in PF?

  • The member’s account number is the last 7 digit of the member id (22 digits).
  • Actually, the member’s account number (7 digits) and member id (22 digits) is the same. But we don’t use it separately, instead, we always mention pf number as 22 digits (member id)
  • But in some case, the member id is separated while filling the offline form. Let’s understand with the below example.
  • The member’s account number is unique and varies for different employees in the same organization.
EPF Account Number
EPF Account Number
For Example: In the above section of the offline Form 10D. The 22 digits member id or pf number (THVSH01183630000071847) is filled separately as TH (district name, here Thane) VSH (city name, Vashi) 0118363 (establishment code) 0071847 (member’s acc no)
Also, if you can observe extension code was not mentioned while filling the form 10D offline. So make sure you understand all these things before filing an offline form for PF claims.
If you still have doubts refer to the below example.

PF Number Format Example

For Example: If the employee’s PF Number/Member id is THVSH01183630000071847

This means that the employee’s office and pf address with the district (regional code) is Thane (TH) and the city (office code) is Vashi (VSH).

The next 7 digits following the district and city are the establishment code. The establishment code is the organization’s id registered under EPFO.

The three digits next to the establishment code 000 remain the same for most of the organization.

The final most last 7 digit is the member’s account no registered under EPFO.

Changes in PF Number Format (Old and New Codes)

 The EPFO has changed the PF number format after the creation of the multiple regions in some states. You may see the old PF format in your monthly payslip.

 Some states to be mentioned here for the change in regional and office codes are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Maharastra, West Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana.

Search your Establishment (organization)  and check whether your regional code and office code is changed or remains the same.

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