EPF Form 19: Easy Steps to Fill Form 19 for PF Withdrawal

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EPF Form 19 Easy Steps to Fill Form 19 for PF Withdrawal

EPF is a scheme where both employee and employer contribute a portion of the salary of the service towards the employee’s EPF account. The accumulated employee share and employer share amount in the employee’s pf account can be withdrawn fully by claiming the final settlement form (Form 19).

What is EPF Form 19 and How it looks

EPF Form 19 consists of two pages. It is mainly used to claim the final settlement (epf balance) from the PF account.
EPF Form-19 (Page1)
Page 1 of Form 19 has the following details to be filled
  1. Name of the Member
  2. Father’s Name or Husband’s name
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Name and Address of the Factory/Establishment
  5.  P.F. Account No and UAN
  6. Date of Joining the Establishment
  7. Date of leaving Service
  8. Reason for leaving Service
  9. Permanent Account No (PAN)
  10. Full Postal Address
  11. Mode of Payment
The other two details to be filled in are
  • Member’s signature or Member’s thumb impression (in case employee cannot sign)
  • Employer’s Signature / Designation & Seal of Employer with date
EPF Form-19 (Page2)
Page 2 of Form 19 contains
  • Advance Stamped Receipt which can be filled if the employee chooses the mode of payment as cheque.
  • An advance stamp means that you have to affix a revenue stamp of Rs.1 to the form and sign across the stamp.

When you can fill Form 19

  • Form 19 is filled when an employee wishes to withdraw the full EPF amount from the PF account.
  • An employee is eligible to submit form 19 only after leaving the job (unemployment), retired, superannuation, and permanently disabled.

How to fill Form 19 Online

  • Before making up a mind to fill the form 19. In case you’re employed in a new organization after leaving the old organization. You have the option to either transfer the old pf balance to the new pf balance by filling the form 13 or else the old pf can be withdrawn fully by filling the form 19.
  • In case you’re unemployed for more than 2 months. You can withdraw the full PF balance from the pf account by filling the form 19.

Download Form-19

You can view or download the Form-19 form from the EPFO India official website.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Fill Form 19 Online

Step 1: Visit the EPF UAN Member Portal website.
EPF UAN Member Portal
Step 2:  Enter the UAN, password, and captcha code to sign in to UAN Member Portal
UAN Member Portal Sign in
Step 3: Under Online Services menu,  select Claim (Form-31, 19, 10C& 10D).
Online Services (CLAIM FORM-19)
Step 4: Enter Bank account no linked with your  UAN and click on Verify button.
Bank Account No Verification
Step 5: Click on Yes to the Certificate of Undertaking by agreeing to the terms of conditions.
Certificate of Undertaking -Yes

Step 6: After successful Bank Account No verification, Click on Proceed For Online Claim.

Proceed For Online Claim (Form-19)
Step 7: From I want to apply for option Select Claim Option as ONLY PF WITHDRAWAL 
Select Claim Option - Only PF Withdrawal (Form-19)
Step 8: After the previous step 7, You need to type here your complete address. Then put a tick on the disclaimer and finally click on the Get Aadhaar OTP button.

Step 9: After the previous step 7, You need to type your complete address. Then put a tick on the disclaimer and finally click on the Get Aadhaar OTP button.

An OTP will be sent to your registered aadhaar linked mobile number.

Step10: Enter the OTP in the text box and submit your online application.

Step11: Once the online form is submitted, You will receive a reference number for process completion.

The withdrawal amount will be deposited into your bank account within 3 to a maximum of 20 days.

Preconditions for filling Form 19 Online

  • The form can be filled after 7 days of leaving the job.
  • The important thing to notice here is that the Date of Exit (DOE) must be mentioned in your UAN Member Portal by the Employer before filling the form 19.
  • The form can be filled only after 1 month of unemployment in case the employee wants to withdraw 75% of the EPF amount.
  • To withdraw the full 100% EPF amount, the pf holder has to wait for at least 2 months of unemployment, then form 19 can be filled.
  • Make sure your Bank Account, PAN, and mobile number are linked with your UAN.

Composite Claim Form (For Offline EPF Withdrawal Only)

  • The composite claim form is a combination of Form 19, Form 31, Form 10C, and Form 10D.
  • The composite claim form (offline) replaces individual forms like Form 19 and Form 10C for full and final settlement.
  • Form 19 is filled to withdraw the full EPF amount.
  • Form 31 is filled to withdraw the partial EPF amount.
  • Form 10C is filled to withdraw the full EPS amount.
  • Form 10D is filled for monthly pension withdrawals.
  • The Composite Claim form can be filled with aadhaar or with non-aadhaar.
  • By filling the Composite Claim Form offline, both EPF as well as EPS amount can be withdrawn.

Download Composite Claim Form (Offline)

You can view or download the Composite Claim form from the EPFO India official website.

FAQ’s related to Form 19

Q1) Why Form 19 get rejected?
Ans: The reasons for Form 19 rejection are:
  • Bank Details are not updated correctly.
  • KYC is not completed.
  • The signature and chequebook are not clear and readable.
  • Aadhaar and UAN is not linked.
Q2) Can I apply both forms 19 and 10C?
Ans: Form 19 is used to withdraw only PF balance and not pension balance. Form 10C is used to withdraw only pension balance. So, it is better to fill form 19 at first, then later on Form 10C. In this way, you can withdrawal your pf balance as well as your pension balance.
Q3) How do I fill out Form 19 offline?
Ans: You can fill the composite form offline which is a combination of form 19, form 31, 10C, and 10D. by using this form you will be able to withdraw both EPF balance as well as your pension balance altogether.

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