How to apply for Scheme Certificate online – UMANG App

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How to apply for Scheme Certificate online - UMANG App
How to apply for Scheme Certificate online – UMANG App

In this post, we will see all about the scheme certificate. Earlier we used to apply for a scheme certificate only offline. But now we can easily apply for the scheme certificate online also under the EPS95 scheme. This is possible only by using the UMANG App.

So now let’s understand beginning with what is scheme certificate and how to apply scheme certificate online.

 What is a Scheme Certificate

A scheme Certificate is a certificate issued to the pf account holders by the EPFO to retain their membership with the EPFO by not withdrawing the pension amount after leaving the organization.

What are the benefits of the Scheme Certificate?

Whenever an employee changes job. The employee has two option either to withdraw his full pension balance from the old organization or to retain his pension. So the benefits of retaining pension and filling scheme certificate are:

  • By filling scheme certificate, whenever you switch multiple jobs, you’re service count in all the organizations keeps adding up to the total service count. ( no need to start service count from the start while switching multiple jobs)
  • Employee becomes eligible for monthly pension after completing total service of 10 years and attaining the retirement age of 58 years. The scheme certificate adds the number of service count whenever an employee switches the job. So that the employee doesn’t need to start service count from the start every time he/she switches the job.
  • In case of an employee’s death, a nominee can use a scheme certificate to receive a monthly pension on behalf of the employee.
Let’s take an example to have a better understanding and use of a scheme certificate.

Example: Suresh has left the company ABC after working for 5 months which is lesser than 6 months of service. In this case, Suresh cannot withdraw the pension amount. Because to withdraw pension amount minimum service of 6 months is mandatory.

After some days, Suresh joins a new company XYZ and worked there for 9 months and then resigns. In this case, if he doesn’t use a scheme certificate then his total service as a pf account holder will be counted as only 9 months. If he uses the scheme certificate, then the total service will be counted as 5 months (ABC) + 9 months (XYZ) = 14 months (2 years 2 months).

So if Suresh’s total service count is 10 years (9 years 6 months), then he is eligible to receive a monthly pension after attaining the retirement age of 58 years.

How to apply for Scheme Certificate Online?

Step 1: Download UMANG App from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Search for the EPFO option and click on it.

Step 3: Select Raise Claim

Step 4: Enter UAN, click on Get OTP, Enter OTP and Submit

Step 5: Enter Bank Account Number to verify (linked with your UAN).

Step 6: Select Member id for applying scheme certificate and click on Next button.

Step 7:  Enter your correct full address (scheme certificate will be sent to the mentioned address through speed post) and click on the Next button.

Step 8: Under Eligible Claim Types, select Form 10C (Scheme Certificate)

Note: Check whether Date of Exit is already updated for that member id and E-Nomination should have been filed earlier to apply for scheme certificate

You will see your Nomination Details if E-Nomination is already done from your end.

Step 9: Scroll down and click To Upload (cheque or front bank passbook)

Note: Cheque or bank passbook image should be clear and there should be no strike mark on Bank Account number and IFSC code. Also, the image size should be less than 500 kb.

Step 10: Now scroll down to tick the check box and click on Get Aadhaar OTP.

You will receive OTP on your aadhaar registered mobile number.

Step 11: Enter the OTP and Submit.

Step 12: You will receive a success claim message. Click OK.

Now, finally, you will be able to view Scheme Certificate online.

Your physical scheme certificate will be received through speed post within few days.

How to apply for Scheme Certificate Offline?

  1. Write your full name in capital letters (block letters)
  2. Mention exact Date of Birth
  3. You need to make sure that there is no cutting or overwriting in the form, and if there is are corrections, the same must be attested.
  4. The pf account number on Page 1 consists of region code (2 alphabets), office code (3 alphabets), code number (maximum 7 digits), extension (sub-code), and the account number (less than or equal to 7 digits.
  5. Sl No 9 should be filled if applying for a scheme certificate, while Sl No 11 can be left empty.
  6. In case Sl No 11 of page 2 of form 10C is filled with your bank account details, then please attach a copy of the cancelled/blank cheque.
  7. In case of death of the pf account holder, Sl No 9 should be filled with details of family/nominees/legal heir and Sl No 10 and 11 should be filled by the respective legal heir/nominee/family member.
  8. Sl No 12 is ticked if you’re availing pension under EPS-95.
  9. Signature required by the employer and employee.

Documents need to apply for Scheme Certificate

  1. Form 10C
  2. Birth Certificate and Aadhaar copy of a member
  3. Birth Certificate and Aadhaar copy of all family members
  4. Break-in service certificate. (If there is a gap or break in the service towards epf and eps contribution may be due to unemployment)

FAQ’s related to Scheme Certificate

Q1. What is Break in service?
A. Break-in service is a gap shown towards epf and eps contribution of the pf account due to termination or unemployment.

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