EPF Form 10C: Full EPF Pension Withdrawal Online

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EPF Form 10C Full EPF Pension Withdrawal Online
EPF Form 10C – Full EPF Pension Withdrawal Online

EPF Form 10C

The Employee’s Provident Fund is a scheme where both employer and employee share certain contributions towards EPF and EPS accounts. The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) provides various schemes to the pf account holders. One such scheme is Employee’s Pension Scheme (EPS). Whenever you change job, you can either withdrawal the full pension amount under EPS by submitting Form 10C or can transfer your old EPS balance to the new pf account by submitting the EPS Scheme Certificate.

Eligibility to apply for Form 10C

  • After a minimum of 180 days or 6 months of continuous service in the organization.
  • The employee who has left the job before 10 years of continuous service and has attained the age of 58 years before completing 10 years of service.
  • The pf account holder who has completed 10 years of service, but have not attained the age of 50 years, or an individual who is in between 50 to 58 years of age and is not satisfied with a reduced pension.
  • In case the family/nominee member died after attaining the age of 58 years but service completed is less than 10 years.


Pension Withdrawal or Pension Transfer

Scheme Certificate

Used to carry forward service membership

Form 10C

Used for Pension Withdrawal

Form Filled


When is it Filled

After leaving the job

Form 10C Page Format

Form 10C consists of 4 pages.
Form 10C - Page 1
Form 10C -Page 1
Form 10C - Page 2
Form 10C -Page 2
Form 10C - Page 3
Form 10C -Page 3
Form 10C - Page 4
Form 10C -Page 4

Contents of Form 10C

Page 1 of the Form 10C contains below fields
  • Name of the Claimant
  • Date of Birth
  • Father’s Name/Husband’s Name (if married)
  • Name & Address of the Establishment in which, the member was last employed
  • PF Account Number
  • Date of joining the Establishment
  • Reason for leaving service & Date of Leaving
  • Full Address (In Block Letters)

Page 2 of the Form 10C contains below fields

  • Are you willing to accept a Scheme Certificate in the place of withdrawal benefits (Yes/No)
  • Particulars of Family (Spouse & Children & Nominee) – Name, Date of Birth, Relationship with Member & Name of the guardian of the minor (a. Family Members, b. Nominee)
  • Details of the member and nominee (In case of death of members after attaining the age of 58 years without filing the claim)
  • Mode of remittance (payees cheque, postal order, or saving account)
  • Are you availing pension under EPS-95?
Page 3 of the Form 10C contains below fields
  • Sum pf pension amount to be received
  • Details of wages and period of non-contributory service of a member
  • Date and signature of the Employer
Page 4 of the Form 10C (for administration purposes only)
  • Filled by the relevant authorities.

How to Fill Form 10C Online

Step 1: Sign in EPF Unified Member Portal with your UAN, Password and Captcha.
UAN Member Portal Sign in


Step 2: Then, under the Online Services menu select CLAIM (FORM-31, 19&10C).
Online Services CLAIM (Form-31, 19&10C)

Step 3: Now, enter the bank account number and click on Verify button.

Bank Account No Verification
Step 4: Next, click on the Yes button and accept the Certificate of Undertaking.
Certificate of Undertaking -Yes


Step 5: Now to apply for pension withdrawal, select I want to apply for option as ONLY PENSION WITHDRAWAL (FORM-10C).
Only Pension Withdrawal (FORM-10C)
Step 6: Enter your full address, state, city and 6 digit pin code, then click on the disclaimer checkbox and click on the Get Aadhaar OTP.
Step 7: Enter the OTP received on your aadhaar linked mobile number through SMS and then click on Validate OTP and Submit Claim Form.
Validate OTP and Submit Claim Form


Step 8: Your claim form will be submitted online to the EPFO and your pension amount will be credited within 3 to a maximum of 20 days to your bank account linked with your UAN. You can track the claim status of your Form 10C by login into UAN Member Portal and under Manage, select Claim Status.

Important instructions for filling Form 10C offline

  1. Write your full name in capital letters (block letters)
  2. Mention exact Date of Birth
  3. You need to make sure that there is no cutting or overwriting in the form, and if there is are corrections, the same must be attested.
  4. The pf account number on Page 1 consists of region code (2 alphabets), office code (3 alphabets), code number (maximum 7 digits), extension (sub-code), and the account number (less than or equal to 7 digits.
  5. On Page 2 of the form, Sl No 9 should be filled if applying for a scheme certificate, while Sl No 11 can be left empty.
  6. Similarly, Sl No 11 should be filled if applying for a withdrawal certificate, while Sl No 9 can be left empty.
  7. In case Sl No 11 of page 2 of form 10C is filled with your bank account details, then please attach a copy of the cancelled/blank cheque.
  8. In case of death of the pf account holder, Sl No 9 should be filled with details of family/nominees/legal heir and Sl No 10 and 11 should be filled by the respective legal heir/nominee/family member.
  9. Sl No 12 is ticked if you’re availing pension under EPS-95.

Documents needed to be attached with Form 10C offline

  1. A copy of the cancelled/blank cheque
  2. Date of birth certificate of children when applying for scheme certificate
  3. If a member is dead, then a death certificate is required.
  4. Succession certificate for legal heirs of member
  5. If you’re applying for withdrawal benefit through a bank, then Rs. 1 revenue stamp is required.

Download EPF Form 10C

You can easily downline offline Form 10C on the official EPFO India website.

All you need to know about Scheme Certificate

  • Scheme Certificate is a certificate issued by the EPFO along with Form 10C to carry forward the service, instead of withdrawing the pension amount when an employee switches the organization.
  • This certificate is very useful to avail monthly pension amount after attaining the age of 58 years with service of more than 10 years.
  • This certificate can be filled in case the employee leaves one organization and switched to another organization. So that his/her total service period will be carried forward.

FAQ’s related to EPF Form10C & Scheme Certificate

Q1. What is Form 10C?
A. Form 10C is the form issued by the EPFO to withdraw the full pension amount with a minimum of 6 months of service and less than 10 years of continuous service.
Q2. Can I withdraw the full pension amount from my pf account?
A. You can withdraw the full pension amount if the service is more than 6 months.
Q3. Why my pension amount is deducted after credited to my bank account?
A. The pension amount shown in the EPF passbook and the pension amount received after withdrawal to the bank account varies as per the EPFO rules. The EPFO considers 6 months as a 1 year of service and in case if the service of the employee is 5 months or less than 6 months, it is considered 0 as per the EPFO.
Example: If an employee named Rajith has done a service of 1 year & 7 months, then it is considered as 2 years by the EPFO i.e. 7 months is more than 6 months.
If an employee named Akash has done a service of 1 year & 5 months, then it is considered only 1 year by the EPFO i.e. 5 months is less than 6 months
So, according to this pension calculation is done and sometimes employee receives less pension because of this EPFO rules.
Q4. How form 10c amount calculation is done?
A. Form 10C amount calculation is done as per the Table D calculation on exiting the job for withdrawal. The formula to calculate is [(Basic Salary + DA) * service year’s(%proportion of wages)]
Q5. What happens to the pension amount if the employee dies after 10 years of service?
A. In case of an employee’s death after 10 years of service and had attained the age of 58 years, the monthly pension amount can be claimed by the nominee of a family member. The employee’s nominee has to show the scheme certificate, birth certificate and aadhaar to receive the employee’s monthly pension.
Q6. Why is my form 10c rejected?
A. Form 10C can be rejected if an employee service is less than 6 months or else the required documents are not attached properly with the form 10c.
Q7. What is the Scheme Certificate?
A. Scheme Certificate is used to carry forward the service of pf membership when he/she switches to another organization, instead of not withdrawing pension amount but saving it for monthly pension after attaining the retirement age of 58 years and with more than 10 years of service.
Q8. When Scheme Certificate can be filled?
A. Scheme Certificate can be filled once the pf holder leaves the organization and is switched to the other organization.
Q9. How Scheme Certificate is filled?
A. Scheme Certificate can be filled using the offline Form 10C and on page 2 of the form, 10c Sl No 8 selecting yes to accept the scheme certificate.
Q10. Can I fill Scheme Certificate offline?
A. As of now, the Scheme Certificate can be filled online through UMANG App only.
Q11. I had submitted Form 10C for pension withdrawal but instead claim got rejected with the message “Claim Rejected PLEASE APPLY 10C with FORM 19”. Any Reason?
A. The claim rejection remark mentioned by the EPFO clearly says that only Form 10C had been submitted by the PF member. To make Full and Final settlement after leaving the organization for 2 months with the date of exit mentioned in his/her EPF account.
It is necessary to first submit Form 19 for full PF Withdrawal and once Form 19 is accepted at the EPF office then Form 10C for pension withdrawal can be submitted. In this way, PF members will be able to withdraw both PF balance as well as pension balance in his/her EPF account.

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