PF Form 31, 19, 10c, 10d Explained

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PF Form 31, 19, 10c, 10d Explained

In this article, we will see the use of four EPF forms (31, 19, 10c & 10d)  be it for full withdrawal, partial withdrawal, or other major purposes.

  • Form 31 is used to withdraw the advance pf amount from the PF account.
  • This form can be filled offline/online through a UAN Member Portal.
  • The employee can withdrawal a partial pf amount depending upon the purpose and the total service period in the organization.

Download PF Form 31

You can view or download Form 31 from the EPFO India official website.
  • Form 19 is used to claim the Final Settlement of your old EPF account balance.
  • It also allows you to withdraw your PF balance after the resignation of your job, superannuation, termination, or at the time of your retirement.
  • Form 19 can be filled offline/online through EPF Member Portal.
  • After submitting form 19, one more form to be filled is 10C which makes you withdraw even pension share. So full and final settlement is done.
  • The payment mode can be chosen as by cheque, ECS, etc for this form.
  • This form is very useful especially for unemployed employees who can withdraw
  1. 75% of EPF balance after 1 month of unemployment.
  2. 100% of EPF balance after 2 months of unemployment.

Download PF Form 19

You can view or download Form 19 from the EPFO India official website.
  • Form 10C is a withdrawal form to claim pension amount accumulated in the employee’s EPS balance under Employee Pension Scheme (EPS).
  • In the case of an unemployed employee for more than 2 months, the full and final settlement is done by withdrawing the full EPF balance by filling the form 19 for withdrawing epf balance and then form 10c for withdrawing pension share balance.
  • The pension amount is withdrawable only if the employee’s service period in the organization is less than 10 years.
  • The other important factor to notice is this form is very useful for getting the scheme certificate (which is used for transferring your EPS balance from one employer to another).

Download PF Form 10C

You can view or download Form 10C from the EPFO India official website.
  • Form 10D is used to claim a monthly pension after the retirement of the employee.
  • To avail of this form, the employee has to complete 10 years of service in the particular organization.
  • Also, the criteria required to get a monthly pension is that the employee must have reached 58 years of age.
  • The maximum pension employee can get under EPS is Rs 7,500 per month and the minimum is Rs 1,000 per month.
  • In case of an employee’s death after retirement, his/her spouse will receive the monthly pension.
  • If an employee becomes disabled permanently due to illness or accident, then he/she is eligible to receive a monthly pension regardless of serving the minimum pension serviceable period.
  • To be eligible for pension she/his employer has to contribute EPS share under the EPS scheme at least for one month.

Download PF Form 10D

You can view or download Form 10D from the EPFO India official website.

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