EPF Withdrawal Online – 7 Easy Steps Explained

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EPF Withdrawal Online - 7 Effective Easy Steps Explained

Hello, employees at some point in time we face a financial problem even when we are working in the company.

I can understand how difficult it would be to tackle such a financial problem. At that time only our pf balance may come useful.
So, before knowing the steps to make  EPF withdrawal Online. We need to know some factors which are very important before withdrawing advance epf online using Form 31.

What is EPF Form 31?

In simple words, EPF Form 31 is a form that is used to make advance EPF withdrawals online or offline.
For offline filling Form-31 Download EPF-31.
In today’s digital world, it is easy to fill the form 31 online and claim our pf balance.

Eligibility required for claiming EPF Withdrawal

Here are some reasons to look for before claiming partial EPF withdrawal.

Reason for advance pf withdrawal

Minimum Service



Maximum PF Share Withdrawable


7 years

Education for their children after 10th class.


50% of Employee

PF Share only.


7 years

Own marriage, their children,

brother or sister.


50% of Employee

PF Share only.

Medical Emergency / Illness

For the employee’s medical treatment or his family members


6 months’ basic salary +DA.


Employees PF Contribution

((Basic + DA) * (6 months)) < Total employee’s EPF balance only)


Covid-19 Outbreak

If the employee or area is affected

By epidemic or pandemic


3 month’s basic salary + DA


75 % of EPF Balance (EE share, ER Share, and interest.

Non-receipt of wages

Employees have not received a salary for more than 2 months continuously

Employee share with



(No Job)

No job for a continuous period of not less than a month

Maximum up to 75% of EPF balance (EE, ER share and interest).


And remaining 25% EPF share can be withdrawn if no job is found even after two months.



Purchase of house or construction of the house

5 years

The site is only owned by the employee or jointly with a spouse (husband or wife)

36 month’s basic wages + DA


Total EPF Balance (employee and an employer with interest)


Total cost. Whichever is minimum

Purchase of area or construction of a house

5 years

The site is only owned by the employee or jointly with a spouse (husband or wife)

24 month’s basic pay + DA


Total EPF Balance (employee and an employer with interest)


Total cost. Whichever is the minimum?

House Renovation

5 years

The house should be registered under the employee’s name or jointly with the spouse (husband or wife)

12 month’s basic wages and DA OR Employee Share with interest OR Cost Whichever is least


After reaching 54 years of age and within the employee’s retirement period.

Any Purpose whatsoever

90% of EPF Balance (EE, ER Balance, and interest)

Documents needed for claiming EPF Withdrawal Online

  • You need only a scanned image copy of the Bank Passbook or Checkbook to upload to the EPFO Member website.
  • The image uploaded should be clear and readable or else your online Form-31 may get rejected. So take extra caution while uploading the image to the EPFO Member website.

Points to remember for EPF Withdraw Online

  1. Universal Account Number i.e UAN should be activated.
  2. Aadhaar number must be linked with your active mobile number against UAN. 
  3. Correct Bank Account No must be linked with UAN.
  4. KYC must be verified with UAN.
  5. The date of birth should be updated correctly in case of retirement in the EPF account.

How to apply for EPF Withdrawal Online (Form 31)

Here are some easy step-by-step procedures to claim your partial EPF Withdrawal.

a) Login into Employee’s EPFO official website

Login into Employee's EPFO official website

  • Click here to access Unified Member Portal
  • Now Enter your Universal Account Number (UAN), Password, and Captcha code to sign in
  • After success sign in and close the Alert window

b) Member Profile (KYC Verification)

  • First, check whether your basic information like name, mobile no, etc provided is correct.
  • Second, see to it that your aadhaar, pan, and bank account no are verified. If you see verified next to aadhaar in green colour then your KYC is successfully verified.

c) Online Services (CLAIM FORM-31)

Online Services (CLAIM FORM-31)
  • Click on the Online Services menu and select CLAIM(FORM-31, 19, 10C & 10D).

d) Bank Account No Verification

Bank Account No Verification

  • Enter your full bank account no or the last 4 digits linked with your current working company’s UAN No.
  • If the bank account no is ticked in green, next click on Proceed For Online Claim button.
  • Agree and click on Yes to the terms and conditions.

e) EPF Withdrawal Online Step-by-Step (Form-31)

Step 1: Select the claim option as PF ADVANCE (FORM-31)


Step 2: Select the service as your Member ID of the current working company.

Step 3: Select the Purpose for which advance is required as Illness.

The partial EPF withdrawal limit for Illness purposes is calculated as follows:

  • (Basic Pay + DA* 6 months or
  •  (Total Employee Share PF Balance)  < ((Basic Pay + DA* 6 months))

To make it easy. let’s understand with the below example.

Employee A

Employee B

Total PF Balance (EE) = 50,000 Rs

Total PF Balance (EE) = 1,00,000 Rs

Basic Pay + DA = 10,000 Rs

Basic Pay + DA = 10,000 Rs

For 6 months: 10,000 * 6 = 60,000 Rs

For 6 months: 10,000 * 6 = 60,000 Rs

Eligible Partial EPF  Withdrawal:

50,000 Rs

Eligible Partial EPF Withdrawal:

60,000 RS

Because Employee’s Total EPF Share Amount is less than Basic Pay + DA of

6 months. (100% EE withdrawal)

Because Employee’s Total EPF Share Amount is more than Basic Pay + DA of

6 months. (60% EE withdrawal)

Note: This example is only for Illness purposes and any other purposes it may vary. Also, the final eligible partial epf withdrawal amount is only from Employee’s PF share (EE) and not from Employer’s PF share. (ER)

 Step 4: Enter the Amount of Advance (advance pf withdrawal)

  • Enter the advance amount by looking at the above example (Employee A & Employee B)
  • You can enter only Employee EPF share and according to the above calculation)
  • In my case, I’ve entered 20,500 Rs which is lesser than my ((Basic + DA) * 6 months)
Note: To keep a watch on your EPF Balance click on EPFO Passbook (login with same UAN No and Password).
Step 5: Enter the Employee’s Address

  • Refer full address on your bank account passbook.
  • Select you’re State, District, City, and 6-digit Pin Code.

Step 6: Upload Bank Pass Book or Cheque Book

  • Click on choose file and upload your clear and visible scanned copy of the bank passbook or chequebook.
  • Only scanned image copy in jpeg format is allowed of a minimum of 100 kb up to 500 kb in size.
  • In case an unclear scanned image is uploaded, your advance pf claim may get rejected.
  • If you have scanned bank passbook or chequebook in pdf format then convert it to.jpeg format by using the online website pdf2jpg 

Step 7: Aadhaar OTP Verification

  • Click on the Get Aadhaar OTP button.
  • Now, enter OTP received from your registered mobile number linked with your Aadhaar.
  • Click the blue button to Validate OTP and Submit the Claim Form.
  • Finally guys OTP is verified, EKYC updated, and EPF Withdrawal online Form 31 is submitted on Unified Portal.
 So finally, we are done with filling out EPF Withdrawal Online Form 31. Now let’s see how to track the online status of filled Form-31.

f) Track Claim Status

  • Click on Online Services -> TRACK CLAIM STATUS
  • After submitting Online Form-31, you can check the online status of your advance epf withdrawal Form-31.
  • You can also view your Form-31 form online by clicking on the VIEW PDF icon.
  • Another option to check your claim status is to log in to EPFO PassBook -> Select Member Id -> View Claim Status.

How much time does PF Withdrawal take online?

  • Normally, it would take 3 to 7 days to credit epf  withdrawal amount to the bank account
  • Your claim status will be seen as Settled as it’s a confirmation that your pf amount will soon be credited to the bank account.


  • There is no maximum limit if you use illness as the purpose to make  EPF Withdrawals Online.
  • But don’t try frequently to do so, because you will miss the EPF interest rate which is credited to your EPF Balance and may be useful for future purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1)  How much time does PF Withdrawal take online?

Ans: It will take a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 15 days.

Q2) How to check pf withdrawal status?

Ans: Login to the UAN Member portal and click on TRACK CLAIM STATUS or log in to EPF PassBook and click on the claim status.

Q3) How to view my Passbook?

Ans: Login to the UAN Member portal and click on View -> PASSBOOK or click on this link.

Q4) How many times we can withdraw pf advance for illness?

Ans: No limit set for illness purposes. Can be withdrawn any number of times seeking emergency purposes.

Q5) Is PF withdrawal taxable?

Ans: If you wish to withdraw your EPF Balance after 5 years of continuous service in the same company. then pf withdrawal is taxable.

Q6) How much do employees and employers contribute towards EPF?

Ans: Employee contributes 12% of basic salary to his Employee Share Balance (EE) share and Employer contributes 12% of employee’s basic salary out of which 8.33% share goes to Employer Share Balance (EE) for employee and 3.67 towards Employees Pension Scheme (EPS).

Q7) When an employee becomes eligible to avail pension scheme?

Ans: Employee has to complete a membership of 10 years.

Q8) When can an employee avail of the benefits of the EPF scheme?

Ans: An employee can avail of EPF pension benefits after completing 58 years of service.

Q9) How many times can we withdraw PF advance?

Ans: We can withdraw PF advance for illness purposes any number of times but for other purposes mostly one time.

Q10) Can I withdraw 100% of the PF  amount?

Ans: It is possible if any employee is unemployed for 2 years after leaving the job.

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